Mortgage Broker Or Bank: Which Is Right For You?
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Mortgage Broker Or Bank: Which Is Right For You?

Purchasing your first home is a major decision. You want everything to be perfect from the friendly neighborhood to the backyard possibilities. Financial aspects can put a major hinder on your buying decisions. One question people commonly have is if they should use a mortgage lender or bank to finance. After reading these comparisons, you may find the choice a little easier. Be sure to contact a financial professionals with any questions or concerns.

What Mortgage Choices Are Offered?

There are over 50 different Mortgage brokers nationwide. Mortgage lenders can compare all wholesale mortgage rates at once.  You can additionally find agents who specialize in helping people who are self-employed or have bad credit history. They typically work with all kinds of clients from first-time owners to multi-home owners.


Mortgage Lenders Include

  • Credit Unions
  • National lenders
  • Private Lenders
  • Regional Lenders
  • Most Major Banks

Banks vary per branch. Each bank will provide personalized Mortgage choices.


Interest Rates

Mortgage brokers and banks can be competitive when it comes to interest rates. When making the decision to choose a mortgage broker or bank interest rates can be a deal breaker.


Mortgage brokers typically have access to wholesale rates that banks are not capable of accessing. They have the ability to compare multiple institutions to find you the best price possible. Sometimes, a broker can you get a better rate from your bank than the bank can give you.


Interest rates are preset by banks. Working with your bank allows them to know instantly your account and credit information which leads to a faster process. They may be able to have a small amount of wiggle room if you are an existing client as well resulting in lower interest rates.

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Who Gives the Best Advice?

Once again, an ongoing relationship with your banker can lead to more in-depth conversations regarding options for you. If a relationship has been built, they are more likely to provide you with shortcuts and take on a little extra burden.


Financial brokers are known to offer continuous advice even after the mortgage has been finalized. You are typically provided a plan to help pay off your mortgage faster.


Other advice mortgage brokers can offer are

– Financing for renovations

– Investments for other properties

– Paying other miscellaneous debts

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Mortgage Broker VS Bank

As you can see, there are pros and cons to using either. Be sure to weigh all options when deciding to finance through a mortgage broker or bank. It is important to note this does not reflect all banks and mortgage brokers. Be sure to read reviews and call both mortgage brokers and banks with questions.


A few key differences to keep in mind:

– Financing through your bank can build off already existing relationships
– Banks allow you to add your mortgage to an already existent bank profile
– Mortgage brokers have the ability to compare wholesale rates which can lower interest rates
– Mortgage lenders can offer more options since they work with multiple lenders and banks

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Objectivity And Continual Service

Mortgage lenders and banks strive to make your service as friendly helpful as possible. As with all aspects, there are a few differences, though.


A financial lender works directly for you. The freedom to browse options provide a popular service for the client. They try to keep in contact with the customer after the mortgage has been signed. They rely on mortgage reviews from customers to obtain new ones. They desire to be there for you during your next mortgage decision. So, how does the broker add up in the mortgage broker vs. bank debate? First,  you need to know a little more about the bank’s objectives.


Your bank provides options with the hope of bettering the banks business. They have strict terms, but this does not always hinder you as the client. If you have an honest relationship with the bank, they will try to help you as much as they are possible.


If you are not an outstanding member of the bank, it may cause your rates and services to be worse off. Banks will not keep as in touch with you as they do not rely solely on reviews. When renewing, you may run into the same problem of not receiving the best deal possible.



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