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29 Oct What is a Good Mortgage Rate in 2017

In general, 2017 is a good year for homebuyers to get a mortgage for their home purchases. However, there will be inevitable movements in interest rates because the Bank of Canada is finally ending almost seven years of frozen rates. It can be recalled that the...

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28 Oct How to Negotiate Mortgage Rate with a Bank

There is a logical reason why home purchases are considered as major financial transactions—they are quite expensive. That is why new homebuyers have to wait several years until they become more financially prepared to take the big responsibility. Because home acquisitions are costly, almost all homebuyers...

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28 Oct Tips for First-time Homebuyers

How to Get the Best Mortgage Rate After years of working very hard, you have finally decided to become a homeowner. After carefully planning your finances, preparing cash for a down payment, and coming to several open houses in your target area, the time has come...

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26 Oct Quick Close Mortgages Toronto

For some property buyers, one of the worst things they experience when dealing with a broker is the long wait that often comes with closing the deal with the lender. The waiting can stretch for days and sometimes months depending on the property that you...

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