Professional & Certified Mortgage Broker Mississauga
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Mortgage Broker Mississauga
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Certified Mortgage Broker in Mississauga

…a West End based brokerage with a decade of experience under its belt.

Who Are We?

When you planning to buy a new house you should go to professionals. You want a mortgage broker who will protect your interests. However, you do not want people with more technical knowledge to take an advantage of you. With this in mind, how do you find an agent who knows everything about the subject, but won’t take advantage of you?


For those who are looking for the most comprehensive real estate services in Mississauga, Certified Mortgage Broker is there for you.

Great Agents

No matter what your needs are, the agents at Certified Mortgage Brokers can help you. We offer our expertise in all types of loans, and can give you the best deals and options.


Whether you are a family moving into a new home, a business trying to expand, or simply trying to consolidate all of your debts, we are here to serve you. Give us a call today, and let us resolve your situation.


One of the most common needs is mortgage refinancing deals with paying your current mortgage and/or other debts against the property and assets you currently have. You then will have created a new loan which consolidates your previous debts.


The process can be complicated. During it you would have to transfer money and debts, renew terms of loans, and many more things to take care of. It is not right for everyone, however, and we can help you decide whether this process is suitable for you. Our expertise can guide you through all confusing steps.


When people think of mortgages, they typically think of buying a house. Unless you have all of the money upfront, in order to purchase your own home, you are going to need to use a residential mortgage to pay for it. Each case is going to be different, depending on the house, your financial status, and the market as a whole.


Because each situation will be different, we are experts at knowing what the right paths and options are for each case. Our professional can balance out the cost of your property, other expenses, your credit, and the market in order to provide you with the right solution for you.


Commercial or industrial mortgages are also common and well-known to people. For those who are looking to start a new or expand an existing business, and need extra space, you are going to need a one.


Many kinds and types of businesses require a market spac. As such, it is important to think of what loan will be right for your business. We have a great understanding of what business need, and how to give it to them. We can give you the right contract for you, and the needs and demands of your business.

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