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Mortgage Ottawa

Your Trusted Ottawa Mortgage Broker!

…a GTA based brokerage with a decade of experience under its belt.

Mortgage Agent Ottawa

You leverage on both expertise and experience when you choose Certified Mortgage Broker Ottawa. We deliver reliable services that are custom tailored to you specific needs. We offer you the following:

5% Mortgages

The minimum mortgage down payment in Canada is 5%. However, note that this really low down payment is not for everybody. It may work well for some but it may not be a good option for others.
For one thing, it is a pretty affordable option to start with. However, note that low mortgages require insurance on the possibility that you will default on your payment.

0% Mortgage Down Payment

We can also arrange a 0% down payment when you purchase new property. Note that you will still be paying the minimum 5 per cent down payment but the lender will give you cash back which basically covers the 5% down payment. And voila! You now have a 0% mortgage down payment.

Property Mortgage Investment

Are you ready to invest in Ottawa? It is actually one of the popular investment options today in Canada. However, property investment rules in the country can be quite stringent, which is why new investors need proper guidance. In fact, even seasoned investors will need some inside info and outside advice. Give us a call today and we can furnish you with a primer on property investment in Ottawa.

To receive a consultation or an answer to your question do not hesitate to call us at +1-613-706-4656. We are here to assist you!

Our Ottawa Agents Work for You.

Believe it or not we understand that mortgage arrears can happen to anyone. They happen for a lot of different reasons. Certain causes like job loss, unexpected illness, and others can take a huge financial toll on anyone. And this is where a Mortgage Broker in Ottawa can be of service.
We listen to what you have to say and we understand your needs. We have seen good paying clients who undergo stressful situations and still get back up on their feet eventually. And that is why we are willing to assist you in paying off your mortgage. We can do that via different ways from getting a second mortgage to increasing your loan amount.

Getting a Mortgage Even If You Have Bad Credit

Some people might think that it is outright impossible for anyone with bad credit history to get a loan let alone a mortgage. Most folks would think that poor credit will shoot down any plans to get any kind of property in Canada. Remember that we can help you even if you have bad credit.
Here in Certified Mortgage Broker Ottawa we find ways. We have unique packages to help people with poor credit and we provide you with suitable options.

Debt Consolidation

The major strategy that we offer when it comes to debt consolidation is by getting some money off your home equity. Home equities in Canada have really low interest rates, which you can use to pay off loans that have higher interest. We can help you set things up to help you reduce the amount of interest you are already paying.

Understanding Mortgage Basics

Having a roof over one’s head is a basic necessity. You can choose to live in someone else’s home, rent one, or own one of your very own. The decision is yours and it is based on how much you can afford.
It is no secret that there are relative costs when it comes to buying and renting your home. On top of that there are emotional and other factors that come along whether you buy or even rent your home. In this section we’ll answer some of the most basic question about mortgages and how a Mortgage Broker Ottawa can help you.

What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan that you can use to buy a home or some other kind of real estate property. This loan also allows your lender to seize the property you bought with your mortgage in case you fail to pay the loan on time. Simply put, the piece of real estate you purchased serves as the collateral on your loan.

Types of Mortgages

There are two types of mortgages in Canada. The first one is called an open mortgage and the second one is called a closed mortgage.

Open Mortgage

Open mortgages allow you to make prepayments (i.e. extra payments) any time. You are also allowed to pay the entire amount even before the end of your term. Unfortunately, the interest rate for an open mortgage is higher than for a closed mortgage. Mortgages of this type are available for shorter terms such as six month to 12 month mortgage terms.

Closed Mortgage

You will have to pay a prepayment charge if you want to make any changes to the mortgage agreement in a closed mortgage. You can also make prepayments during the term of your mortgage but these are only limited, which lets you take advantage of certain low interest rates. Even with similar terms, a closed mortgage will always have a lower interest rate compared to an open mortgage.

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Ottawa Mortgage Frequently Asked Questions

mortgage questions What is a Mortgage Term?

The loan that you make to buy a house or some other property is called a mortgage. The principal refers to the amount borrowed. Each mortgage payment pays off part of the principal plus the interest.


You have custody over the property. However, if you fail to pay the loan and interest according to the terms of the contract, the lender may repossess the property.

mortgage questions What is a Down Payment?

A down payment refers to the money you pay for real estate property. This money is paid upfront and the rest of the cost of your new home is covered by your mortgage. For properties that cost up to $500,000, the minimum down payment in Canada is 5% – however, do take note that your lender may sometimes require a higher down payment.

But what if the cost of the property is more than $500,000? If that is the case then the interest is 5% for the first $500,000 and then 10% for the remainder of the cost.


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