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Mortgage Broker Pickering
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The Top Mortgage Broker In Pickering Wants Your Business!

…a East Toronto based brokerage with a decade of experience under its belt.

Certified Mortgage Broker In Pickering

As a first time buyer, planning to turn your dreams into a reality and buy your house can seem like an incredibly daunting prospect. As your trusted representative we promise to make the whole process for you easy and less stressful.


We are here to clear up the muddy waters when the time comes and help you out in every step of the way in choosing what’s right- for your specific case. As a local Toronto business we have an established network of contacts and business connections; our experts can lean on to get you the best rates and terms available. We strive to put our customers first and make sure each situation is handled on a case by case basis.


Whether you’re in the midst of currently viewing properties, have found one that you already like and want to secure the best rates, want to refinance existing property, considering a commercial mortgage or simply want to determine what amount you’re eligible to borrow right now, let our safe hands take the management of it all, save potential headaches down the line and get in touch.

Industry Experts

Our company goal is to revolutionize the experience customers have traditionally gotten in the financial industry. We’ve seen some of the cases when customers have had to deal with large lenders and established banks and we strive to do it differently.


Our experts provide transparent and fast service to our customers in Pickering and surrounding areas, and enable them to take advantage of a more personal communication process.


You’re dealing with a company with local experience and a selected team of brilliant agents, not a department here, and we’ll treat you and your situation with dedication. We try and cut through the confusing jargon and work hard to obtain and clearly present the most favorable deals to our clients.


Call us at +1 866-921-8890 today with your questions and concerns, and we will answer them as quickly as possible

“Home, Sweet Home”

One of our specializations are residential mortgages. We invite you to take an advantage of our experience on Canadian property market and apply that knowledge to your situation to seek out the best “hidden” deal out there. By analyzing your current financial situation and requirements we’re able draw on our local contacts in Pickering and compile a custom offer unique to you.


Concerned about overpaying on your existing mortgage? We specialize in analyzing loans and identifying unfavorable terms. It is often the case when we can negotiate something more palatable for your situation. In addition to directly reworking current terms we can look into other areas that might be able to be improved such as re-structuring debts and focusing on optimizing your cash flow. We also offer an option to our clients who wish to explore moving to another location.

For Our Business Customers

As a business owner, established entrepreneur, thinking of refinancing, building, renovating or outright purchasing commercial property in the Pickering or surrounding areas, Certified Mortgage Brokers have you covered. Our network of specialists can help you through every step of the way. We cover the whole range of commercial loan types and are able effectively negotiate small and larger scale deals.


Whether you are seeking refinancing for an existing income generating unit or planning to build up a large scale retail store our team can analyze your situation in relation to the available deals, and simultaneously minimize the difficulty you’ll face during this process, whilst maximizing your chance at identifying the best rates. You will be able to leverage our existing network of business and lenders in Pickering.

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