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Second Mortgage Info

Second Mortgage Benefits

People get a second mortgage or even third, typically to consolidate debt without disrupting their first mortgage. There are many of other reasons however as well. The main benefit is that a second mortgage can become a fantastic source for additional money to flood in. Nonetheless this second mortgage will have to be paid off eventually. Before any funds go to paying off the second mortgage, the first loan would need to be taken care of completely.

We Help You To Make A Wise Desigion

At Toronto Mortgage Brokerage we do not pressure you into making a decision so that we can earn off of you. Being our valued customer, we hold your best intentions when advising you and making changes. A second mortgage is a serious decision and should be made wisely. By working with us, you will also get the lowest possible rate for your second mortgage and you won’t be charged with ridiculous fees like you will be at some of our competitors. Depending on the amount that you need and for the time that you need for, we will create a unique solution for you. Contact us today to discuss getting your second mortgage..

Second Mortgage Toronto

Reasons to Get a 2nd Mortgage:

Home Inprovements

Mortgage Arrears

Tax Arrears

School Tuition

Creating a home equity line of credit

Purchase extra property


We Make You Aware Of Pros & Cons

If you are in need of extra cash and feel that a second mortgage is the way to go then let us help you at Toronto Mortgage Brokerage to go through the process of getting it correctly. You have to keep in mind that there are risks involved as with any loans and because of that it is very important to turn to a reliable professional.

We Educate You About The Options You Have

If you have already paid off a portion of your home and/ or the market value of the home had risen then you are especially a good candidate for a second mortgage. Even if this is not the case for your situation, then there are still options that we can provide for you.


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