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Getting a Self-Employed Mortgage

Banks Have Strict Rules For Self Employed Mortgages

You may be wondering what your chances are of successfully getting a mortgage if you’re self-employed. Despite the fact that there is a significant amount of self-employed people with a stable income they still encounter difficulties when seeking out a mortgage. Self-employed individuals are faced with more strict rules and treated based on the type and amount of their income. Banks and other private lenders want to feel confident that they will get their money back when dealing with someone who is self-employed.

We Make Mortgage Possible For Self Employed

They have less ways of authenticating the stability of the income so as a result they create more strict rules to protect themselves. With Toronto Mortgage Brokerage there will be no issues because we are not biased towards self-employed individuals! Due our expertise and knowledge in the field, we can easily assess your situation and make it possible for you to obtain a mortgage even if you cannot prove the consistency of your income in a conventional way.

Our experts will guide you!

Free Mortgage ConsultationSpeak to one of our qualified mortgage experts that will guide you in the right direction. Usually as a self-employed person when you go to the bank to obtain a mortgage, you have to go out of your way and take extensive measures by: improving your credit score, offering a huge down payment, showing history of work, savings accounts and providing many other documents. These steps all make sense and are in some way part of the procedure when you want to improve your chances of getting a loan, but we make it much faster and simpler than any bank out there.

Unique Self Employed Mortgage SolutionsAt Toronto Mortgage Brokerage we will personalize your mortgage, whether it is for refinancing, buying or transferring to achieve the best results possible.

You have worked hard to achieve success in your field of work so you should be entitled to a great mortgage as well! We appreciate the value of hard work so please contact us to book a free consultation.


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