Your New Home Checklist By Certified Mortgage Broker
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Your New Home Checklist

Many people dream of having their own homes at some point in their adult lives. Building one can be rather exciting, but there are numerous hurdles that one needs to overcome.


There are property contracts, architecture, and interiors, among other things. And then there is the concern relating to your working budget. Below is an initial list of considerations that may assist you in this particular endeavor.


Property Ownership


Before you can even think about the build itself, you need to have an area to build the house on. If you plan on securing a mortgage for the property, work with a reliable certified mortgage broker who can help you find the best financing deals available.


Your broker will also assist you during the application and settlement phases of the process. Having a professional on board can make a huge difference here. It’s suggested that you ask your broker to find you the best options for a long-term loan.




You should avoid working with just any realty specialist. Carefully choose your realtor making sure that he has ample experience in the field. It will also be a good idea if you sought out referrals or searched for client testimonials online.


The realtor is there to help you find the best possible home suitable to your needs. He will also help you find the best laborers not to mention assist you in the development of your home’s floor plans.


Home Elements


During the build, contract the professional assistance of laborers. Doing so will save you tons of money later on. Have a chief contractor or superintendent on board and don’t hesitate to ask him questions about the interior and exterior plans for your home.


Conduct multiple walk-throughs if necessary. The important thing here is that you be mindful of every little detail. This will ensure that minor problems will be addressed early on preventing them from escalating into massive issues.


As for the home amenities that you should consider, here are some basics to start with. For your bathroom, some essentials include the faucet and sink, toilet, and shower. Depending on your preference, you might also want to consider getting a tub in there. Some add-ons include racks for towels, shelves for toiletries, and a vanity area.


Coordinate with the contractor when it comes to tile work and caulking. As for the lights, it would be best to use minimal heat generating LEDs. Also work with your electrician to run a check on wirings especially if you plan on having a heater installed. Safety first.


For your bedroom, start with basic furniture; say a bed, nightstand, and desk perhaps. If you have more space to work with, gradually add pieces to the mix. For your lighting, warm place lamps will do fine. Add storage cabinets but not too much that they clutter up the entire space.


For your kitchen, focus first on the stove or oven area and storage provisions. These are the three main areas you want to start with.


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